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M7 is joining 45 major U.S. cities successfully using mobile taxi dispatching! We’re availing you on-demand taxi service from the quick touch of you smart phone.

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M7 utilizes the most advanced cloud based dispatch technology. It’s fast, efficient and its many customer options are like no other app, providing you with safe, on-demand transportation 24/7, 365.

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You can also schedule an M7 ride online. In addition, we’re offering repeat customers the option to order a ride using instant voice recognition (IVR) technology.

Adding New Standards In Usability

Choose Your RideChoose a vehicle: wheelchair-accessible, SUV, sedan, CNG-powered.

Connect and ProtectSpeak to your driver directly without revealing your phone number.

Stay InformedTrack your ride based on live GPS technology, changing traffic and weather conditions.

Be HeardRate your driver, your ride and overall customer service experience.

Choose AutoPayFast track your exit by keeping your credit card on file with us.

Pay with ConfidenceReceive an E-receipt through all forms of electronic payment options.

Be a Savvy RiderEnjoy the cost savings and benefits of frequent promo codes.

Book in AdvanceTake advantage of prepaying a ride for yourself or someone else.

Did You Know?M7 is Connecticut’s first taxicab company to respond to popular demand cell phone trends with on-demand cab service by using customized mobile software that is facilitated by M7s Global Positioning System (GPS).

How Does the M7 App Work?

The M7 App can be used on an iPhone (iOS 4.3 or later) and an Android. Both mobile phones have the ability to connect to the internet via a data network or via wireless.

This M7 logo will appear screen of the user’s phone. One need only tap on the icon and the message “locate me” will appear. Using GPS technology, the M7 App will automatically locate the customer and will prompt the user for an address if the passenger would like to be picked up from somewhere other than where one is currently located.

Next, the taxi booking technology will ask for the date and time of pickup and any specific driver note (e.g. “pick me up at the east side of Smith Avenue”). The user will be prompted via a map-view screen to drop a pin button at their preferred pick-up location. Once confirmed by the customer by the touch of an icon, a trip request will immediately be sent to M7 and the customer will be notified of the cab number en route to their pickup location.

Easy-To-Use For All

M7 is our new cloud-based mobile dispatch technology. It’s fast, efficient and it’s many customer options that are like no other app, providing you with safe, on-demand transportation 24/7, 365. With a quick touch of your iPhone or Android, M7’s Global Positioning System (GPS) will let you locate your closest available driver and choose a vehicle type.

Once booked, the user can track their taxi’s progress in real time and get constant updates. This reduces, “where’s my ride” worries.There are no surprises; the M7 App tells it like it is, because it integrates live traffic and weather conditions. Our AutoPay is so convenient; you can fast track your exit by keeping your credit card on file for all future rides.