GHTD Link: The Latest Transportation Gem of M7 & The Greater Hartford Transit District

GHTD Link: The Latest Transportation Gem of M7 & The Greater Hartford Transit District

GHTD Link: The Latest Transportation Gem of M7 & The Greater Hartford Transit District

Convenient and Accessible Connecticut Rides with GHTD Link

When it comes to exploring the vibrant state of Connecticut, there’s no better way to navigate its scenic beauty and bustling cities than through GHTD Link — the latest microtransit service from M7 and the Greater Hartford Transit District

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The Latest Microtransit Initiative from M7 and The Greater Hartford Transit District

GHTD Link is Connecticut’s newest wheelchair-accessible, microtransit on-demand ridesharing service, utilizing cutting-edge digital network technology to provide curb-to-curb transportation within a designated service area.

Created by the Greater Hartford Transit District and operated by M7, it’s a remarkably efficient transportation option, offering dependable and comfortable rides throughout the state. Passengers heading in the same direction are efficiently paired to reach their destinations, so whether you need to commute to work, run errands, get to medical appointments, or explore the beautiful sights, GHTD Link has you covered.
Travelers can schedule trips either on-demand or up to three days ahead. Booking options include using the GHTD Link app, calling by phone, or utilizing the online platform. Simply provide your pickup and drop-off locations within the designated zone, along with your desired trip time, and you’ll be connected with a vehicle heading your way.

Service Zone

Every ride must start and end within the designated service area zone, as indicated on the map. This zone encompasses the commercial hubs along Elm St. and Hazard Ave. in Enfield, along with the Thompsonville and Hazardville neighborhoods. Notable landmarks within this area include the Enfield Library, Enfield Senior Center, Asnuntuck Community College, various grocery stores, and medical facilities.

Sections of the Broad Brook neighborhood in East Windsor also fall within the service zone boundaries. This coverage extends to the Park Hill Housing Complex, Mill Pond Village, East Windsor Senior Center, and the Broad Brook Library.

Operating Hours and Payments

GHTD Link operates from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM, and from noon to 6 PM on Sunday. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, GHTD Link offers a reliable and punctual transportation solution to explore Connecticut’s gems.

With a fare of just $3 per ride and children under two years old getting it for free, you can hop on and experience the convenience of traveling across the service zone without breaking the bank. This cost-effective solution makes GHTD Link an excellent choice for daily commuters, students, and budget-conscious travelers.

Important note: Riders can pay via the app or with cash. If paying with cash, the driver can only accept the exact fare. Passengers must be at least 14 years old to ride unaccompanied by an adult.

Passengers can monitor the GHTD Link vehicle’s real-time location with the app. Upon booking a trip, an estimated pickup time is provided. This service is designed to offer a swift, secure, and convenient option for short journeys.

Booking Process: Simple and Efficient

There are three easy ways to book a ride: 1. Visit the GHTD Link site to sign up and book online. 2. Call (203) 916-9325 and talk to one of our helpful dispatchers. 3. Download the app for Apple or Android and create an account

GHTD Link: Connecting Connecticuters

GHTD Link is a convenient and accessible on-demand rideshare service transforming Connecticut’s transportation community. With its convenient service hours, competitive fares, extensive service zone coverage, accessible vehicles, and multiple booking options, GHTD Link provides a reliable and efficient transportation solution for residents and visitors alike and makes your journey hassle-free. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the convenience and safety of GHTD Link — book your trip today!