DOT Rate Increase

Notice of Change

in State Regulated Taxi Rates

Connecticut Department of Transportation

The Connecticut Department Of Transportation (DOT) has issued a rate increase applicable to taxi fares throughout the state of CT. This is in response to recent unprecedented inflation and fuel costs, and other increases in transportation-related expenses.

The increase will take effect on April 15th 2022, and marks the first taxi rate increase in CT in over 12 years.

M7 Standards

With the ongoing pandemic causing unexpected difficulties for transportation service providers around the world, M7 stepped up to the challenge and has continued to provide safe and quality service and continue to improve and adjust to this new normal.

New CT DOT Service Rates

Our curb to curb rates will be amended to the following:

Drop Rate Per Mile Wait Time (30 sec)

In addition to curb to curb service, M7 offers the following services that are tailored to the individual needs of our passengers:

Service Type Drop Rate Per Mile Wait Time (30 sec)
Ambulatory - Door to Door
Ambulatory - Door Through Door
Wheelchair - Door to Door
Wheelchair - Door Through Door

Connecticut Transportation 24/7

M7 will continue to provide safe and reliable transportation to all of our customers. We invest heavily in technology and safety training for quality customer service and easy booking.


Being the largest taxi provider in Connecticut, we aim to continue with our socially aware business model that gives back to the community, the environment and, our drivers, and our vets. 

All services are still available and may be booked for immediate service or advanced reservation.