Connecticut Holiday Season Travel Tips: Airport Transportation

Connecticut Holiday Season Travel Tips: Airport Transportation

Getting to the Airport Like the Locals Do

Planning to travel this holiday season? So are hundreds of Connecticutters.

Whether you’re a student looking to enjoy the holiday break or someone flying over to see family or for business reasons, it’s best to plan your trip carefully to avoid the hectic holiday hassle.

According to recent news over Thanksgiving week, the American Automobile Association (AAA) anticipated four and a half million people to fly to their destinations, particularly through Bradley International Airport (BDL). This is expected to grow over the holidays until New Year’s.

By the time Christmas comes along, it can be challenging to hail a cab because many individuals are in the same situation as you. For the unprepared, expect to queue for hours for a ride.

M7: Connecticut’s First Choice

A lot is going on this holiday season. Parties, people going on vacation, and shopping contribute to the state’s increased activity. So, if you want a smooth-sailing, hassle-free time, make sure you book your rides early and allow extra time to travel.

You can never be sure if rides will be available at a particular time. And if you need to leave immediately, contacting or waving down a car may leave you waiting. Due to the spikes in demand, this holiday season is particularly stressful.


In this situation, booking your ride with M7 is the best way to get around. Enjoy your season, and let us handle the transportation. Our drivers in Connecticut are prepared to drive you to your destination in comfort and safety. M7 also meets any other transportation requirements you might need. We keep an eye on the traffic and the weather to ensure that you arrive on time.


During this delightful holiday season, you should relax. Don’t stress over parking hassles or, more crucially, driving.

Inclusive and Accessible Transportation

We are aware that guardians and parents sometimes worry excessively about the welfare of their children and loved ones. Since everyone has different transportation needs, M7’s services are flexible. All passengers, especially those with accessibility needs, are catered to by M7 Ride.
For non-medical wheelchair accessibility and paratransit services, we take pride in setting the bar in Connecticut. Compared to medical vans and ambulances, it’s more affordable and comfortable. Our services are ADA accessible, and our vehicles are roomy, pleasant, and secure.

Students with specific needs and mental health requirements also receive priority at M7. Our drivers are fully equipped with certifications and training to accommodate people with special needs. Feel a sense of relief knowing that your loved ones are in the best hands.

Celebrate Christmas With M7 Ride

M7 drivers are specially trained and have the necessary additional licenses to give passengers the extra attention they require. We place the highest priority on accessibility and safety.

We’re always ready to transport you to and from any holiday event. What’s more is that the M7 Ride app makes it simple to book and organize trips, make payments, and keep track of your rides.
For any particular requirements, we offer a sizable fleet of vehicles that can accommodate people using wheelchairs and mobility aids. With flat prices, we make planning and organizing your travels to and from the airport much simpler.
Additionally, we also offer fixed rates to and from major airports in and around Connecticut. You’ll be prepared for the costs and feel more at ease about being on time.

Avoid stress with your holiday travel plans and book your ride with us today!

Call us, book online, or use our app to get in touch with us, and we’ll take you to where you need to be.