Fall 2021 Activities to Do in Connecticut

Fall 2021 Activities to Do in Connecticut

Enjoy Connecticut During the Fall Season

Connecticut has a lot to offer when it comes to activities during the fall. As a visitor or resident, you may be wondering what you can do this season and where to start. Fortunately, Connecticut has a vast amount of things to do, whatever it is that you’re into.

1. Stroll Through the Farmington River Trail

The Farmington River Trail is filled with wonders of nature that become vibrant during the fall season. Walking, jogging, or biking through the trails will allow you to take in breathtaking views of lush greenery and an expansive landscape.

2. Participate in Bar Crawls

Jumping from bar to bar is another activity that you can do during the fall season. The Downtown Hartford Halloween Bar Crawl affords you the opportunity, as well as the New Haven Halloween Bar Crawls. No matter which one you join, you’re in for a night of fun and excitement.

3. Try Your Luck at Local Casinos

Connecticut is famous for the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino where you have the chance to make it big, depending on how lucky you are. Mohegan Sun also has a spa and golf course while Foxwoods features deluxe rooms and fine dining. Learn More >>

4. Join Halloween Festivals

Fall is the perfect time to join festivals as well. Many breweries participate in hard cider festivals.There’s also the Roadsmary’s Baby Pumpkin Fest in Stratford, an annual Halloween-themed beer fest. Definitely a pleasant time with some company whenever you’re in Connecticut during the fall season!

5. Visit a Haunted House

It may not be everyone’s thing but visiting a haunted house is a great way to enjoy the fall season. Spooks and scares abound Connecticut’s many different haunted houses, making for experiences that you will never forget.

6. Check Out Numerous Drinking Spots

If you’re into relaxing while having a drink, there are also numeros places around Connecticut that you can check out. The Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe in Hartford and 116 Crown in New Haven are the best spots to drop by after a long day of going around Connecticut.

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