How to Arrange Medical Transportation in Connecticut

How to Arrange Medical Transportation in Connecticut

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Getting transportation to appointments and procedures in Connecticut is not that complicated of an affair. There are non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers who cater to medical patients, especially when they have to get to the doctor.

That said, here is some important information about arranging these rides in Connecticut.

Government Transportation Aid in Connecticut

For Medicaid members, NEMT is a vital part of meeting their health needs as it allows them to head to their appointments and procedures, never missing a visit again. The Department of Social Services helps patients arrange for rides.

They will need to call the department at least 48 hours before their supposed visit to be accommodated accordingly. If there are appointments with their healthcare provider that are urgent, then they need to call as soon as possible.

How NEMT Complements Ambulatory Transportations

Private NEMT aims only to address the gaps in ambulatory transport, namely that some patients simply need to visit their doctor, among other concerns. Getting an ambulance for such purposes is expensive and takes away a resource that those with emergency concerns need.

Booking NEMT is often as easy as making a call or doing so online or through a mobile app. Large NEMT providers in Connecticut like M7 Ride have numerous booking options available to make it easier for patients to arrange for transportation.

Where to Look

While NEMT is quite available in Connecticut, the best way to go is a transportation company that’s already well-established and has long been the state’s most trusted. You don’t need to look far with M7 Ride’s accessible and reliable transportation.

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