How CT Hospitals Manage Patient Transportation

How CT Hospitals Manage Patient Transportation

Corporate Accounts are Made for Patient Transport

How do hospitals manage medical transportation in Connecticut? Patients are oftentimes unable to drive themselves or do not have reliable transportation. 


Relying on patients’ loved ones and caregivers for transportation may not always be an option so medical staff use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services to get patients where they need to be.

Why Hospitals Need NEMT

Oftentimes, individuals are hit with unexpected hospitalizations. Discharge from hospital stays can be complicated for patients and their care management team. Patients rarely have their vehicles with them, are unable to drive, and cannot get family or friends to drop everything to take them home.


Unlike ambulance transport services (which can be very expensive because of the life-saving equipment and EMTs, etc.),  non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has specially certified drivers taking medical passengers that are stable, where they need to be.

In order to accommodate to diverse needs of patients, M7 has traditional sedans and vans, along with vehicles that are ADA compliant, able to cater to wheelchairs and scooters of all sizes. Non-emergency medical transportation is a convenient way for hospitals to provide transportation for patients.


Wheelchairs are available for passenger use upon request.

Medical Transportation: Corporate Accounts

The need for medical transportation is telling among CT residents. Corporate Transportation accounts through M7 are available for facilities who need to meet patients’ transportation needs.


M7 works with facilities of all sizes, whether a small physical therapy clinic, to major hospital organizations- and everything in between.

M7 Corporate Accounts consist of the following:

There are many benefits for businesses of all industries to have an M7 Corporate Transportation Account. Contact M7 to learn more.


Who Uses M7 Corporate Accounts?

The Most Reliable Medical Transportation Provider in Connecticut

M7 assists hospitals in ensuring that their transportation needs are met. Contact us today to get started with an M7 Corporate Transportation Account

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