Corporate Rides for Company Parties in New Haven & New London

Corporate Rides for Company Parties in New Haven & New London

Safe and Reliable Rides for Employees

When hosting company parties, employees are looking to have a great time and enjoy the night with friends from work and their guests. Many companies in New Haven and New London (and all around Connecticut) provide their staff with a night of good food, drinks, and team bonding.

Making sure everyone gets home safe is a major consideration that organizers must consider.

Where do you start? M7’s corporate accounts address any and all of your business’s needs for transportation, whether it’s for a company party, patient needs for medical establishments, hotel/resort guests, or frequent business travelers.

Corporate Accounts With M7

M7’s corporate accounts save you time and effort on managing transportation. To cater to everyone’s needs, M7 also has a variety of vehicles to suit different needs, including accessible vehicle options, catering to passengers who utilize wheelchairs or mobility aids.

A corporate account with M7 affords you the following:

• The option to select authorized users

• Trackable personal cards

• Detailed ride logs

• 24/7 transportation

• Cashless transactions

• Bi-monthly billing cycles

• And more!

We utilize the latest cloud-based dispatch technology for our corporate account holders in New Haven and New London to make sure their employees and patrons are safe and get the best experience after attending company gatherings and more.

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M7 is the largest transportation service in Connecticut, serving passengers with safety and reliability in transportation. If you’re a business looking to provide only premium-quality transportation for staff and employees, then you can definitely rely on M7 Ride.

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