Top Reasons to Book Rides in Advance in Connecticut

Top Reasons to Book Rides in Advance in Connecticut

Transportation Tips for the Best Experience

When you need to be somewhere at a specific time, it’s always best to have a ride arranged ahead of time.


Take a look at a few reasons why it’s best to make transportation reservations in advance when traveling through and around Connecticut.

Be On Time

When you need to be at a medical appointment, the airport, a business meeting, or event- it’s vital that you leave on time and arrive on time. You never know what the availability of rides are going to be at that moment in time, and flagging down or calling for a ride when you need to depart ASAP may leave you stuck waiting, especially if there are surges in demand due to holidays, local conferences or events, and more. M7 Ride are the experts in transportation and monitor traffic and weather conditions to get you there on time.

Book Multiple Trips

When you need to book rides for drop off there are many times you’ll need to also book a return trip as well. Booking in advance can eliminate the worry of finding a cab or having to request a taxi on the spot. 


Connecticut patients that are unable to drive themselves or do not have friends or family available, rely on transportation services and taxis to get to their recurring medical appointments, treatments and testing. Many have multiple appointments a week and booking in advance with M7 allows patients and their providers peace of mind, knowing their ride is ready, waiting outside their door when they need them. 


M7 is Connecticut’s trusted Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) provider, and works directly with CT’s top hospitals and medical facilities to get patients where they need to be, on time.

You’ll Have a Vehicle Best Suited to Your Needs

Booking in advance and providing information about your needs (such as how many people and how many bags or luggage would fit in the vehicle) can ensure the appropriate vehicle is available.


What if you have accessibility needs? You will need a vehicle able to cater to wheelchairs or other mobility equipment, as well as drivers who are more than happy to help you out. M7 has a large fleet of vehicles that are wheelchair accessible with additional seating options for those riding along. Wheelchairs can also be provided if needed. 

Are You 60+ Years of Age or Are You a Person with a Disability?

You may qualify for The Encompass Program, a federally funded program that provides seniors and those with disabilities a discounted rate on transportation ($5 for first 8 Miles, $2 per additional mile). This program allows passengers in select Greater Hartford cities to travel freely, independently, and affordably.

Need More Information? Call the Encompass Line: 860-444-4444


Book ahead with M7 and get the cost of your ride up-front upon booking. You don’t need to worry about carrying cash or paying at the end of your ride.  When you book online or through the M7 mobile app, you can save your card on file for easy payment.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, consider booking your transportation in advance when possible, for a seamless experience.

Reserve in Advance With M7

For trips around Connecticut and surrounding areas, you can rely on M7 Ride, where you always have the option to reserve rides ahead of time. If you have any questions please call 203-777-7777, or if you would like to make a reservation you can call, book online, or download the M7 App.

Book Connecticut rides in advance, book with M7 today.