Different Types of Medical Transportation in Connecticut

Different Types of Medical Transportation in Connecticut

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There are different types of medical transportation in Connecticut, from emergency ambulatory services to non-emergency medical transportation. It’s imperative to know the right type of transportation in case you need it right away.

Of course, there’s always public transportation, but options like taking the bus don’t exactly give priority to comfortability and convenience.

M7 Ride is Connecticut’s largest private ride company, providing services such as personalized rides and medical and student transportation. Here’s an overview of the different types of medical transportation services offered in Connecticut.

Ambulance or Ambulatory Transportation

An ambulance is hailed in the instance of an emergency, like a car accident or a bad fall. It’s usually reserved during life-and-death situations because of the associated costs. You would only really call for one in case of a true emergency, since it’s the most expensive form of medical transportation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

On the other hand, a far more affordable option is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). It’s provided to people who need special assistance in getting to and from medical appointments.

However, NEMT isn’t only reserved for medically vulnerable individuals. M7 Ride’s NEMT services also cater to individuals in wheelchairs, bariatric patients, patients with special health or safety concerns, and seniors.
M7 Ride understands the need for accessible NEMT, so we have developed our services to accommodate communities in Connecticut.

✓ Door to door
✓ Door through door
✓ Person to person
✓ Bedside passenger pickups (includes a wheelchair)

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Wheelchair-Friendly Transportation

Part of M7 Ride’s NEMT services is providing transportation for wheelchair users. Our non-medical wheelchair-accessible/paratransit service makes us one of Conencticut’s most comprehensive transportation service providers.

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M7 Encompass Program

For seniors and individuals with certain medical conditions residing in the Greater Hartford area, the Encompass Program provides a low-cost, user-friendly solution for their transportation needs.
Affordable Greater Hartford Area Rides for Seniors and People with Disabilities

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At M7 Ride, we provide everyone with traditional rides, along with ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible vehicles that are available 24/7. Rides to and from medical appointments can also  be arranged through our web booker or mobile app.