Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation in Connecticut

Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation in Connecticut

All About Connecticut Rides for People with Disabilities

From non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) to corporate travel, our reasons for traveling from point A to point B vary greatly. And while public transportation is available in Connecticut, it’s not always as accessible as it should be.


Luckily, there’s M7, Connecticut’s largest company for personalized rides. It’s also the state’s first wheelchair-accessible transportation company providing new freedom and equality for seniors, patients, and people with mobility issues.


Here’s a rundown on M7’s services:

Encompass Program

With the Encompass Program, eligible persons within the Greater Hartford area have access to our rides 24/7, providing a hassle-free low-cost and user-friendly service.

Think you may be eligible for the program? Learn more about on-demand ambulatory and accessible transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Wheelchair-Accessible/Paratransit Transportation

We take pride in being Connecticut’s industry standard for non-medical wheelchair-accessible/paratransit services. It’s a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to medical vans and ambulances.

Medical and Student Transportation

At M7, we prioritize students with special and behavioral health needs. Our drivers are fully certified and trained to accommodate individuals with specific needs, so you’re assured that your loved ones are taken safely to their destination.


Read more about our medical and student transportation >>

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Our services are ADA-compliant, with spacious, comfortable,and secure vehicles.

Ready to experience the best personalized transportation in Connecticut? You can give us a call, book online, or download our app, and we’ll take you to wherever you need to go.