How Much is a Taxi in Connecticut? Are Wheelchair Accessible Rides Available Near Me?

How Much is a Taxi in Connecticut? Are Wheelchair-Accessible Rides Available Near Me?

Rates for Traditional Taxi and Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Services in Connecticut

Are you a local or planning to visit Connecticut this year? It’s important that you know how much a ride will cost you to get around town. Learn more about how much a traditional taxi and wheelchair-accessible taxi will cost you.

Estimating a Ride in Connecticut

Need to know the exact amount your ride will cost? Simply input your starting and ending destination in M7’s online booking tool to get a free quote on how much your ride will cost. It’s easy to book immediate service or make advanced reservations with M7.

All Territories

The taxi meter is used for all jobs under sixteen (16) miles. All taxi rates apply for up to four passengers; there is no additional cost for the second, third, or fourth passengers.

Meter Drop



$3.00 first 1/9th mile




$0.30 each additional 1/9th mile

Waiting Time



$0.30 each additional 30 seconds or $36.00 per hour

Flat Rate Specials with M7

As Connecticut’s largest transportation provider, M7 provides the community with special flat rates for popular destinations to make traveling simple. 

Special rates

From The New Haven Area From The Bridgeport Area From Hartford
Bradley CT/MA Airport
Groton, CT Airport
JFK, NY Airport
LaGuardia, NY Airport
Newark, NJ Airport
Mohegan Sun

Call us for rates from other towns to these destinations.

Special Needs: Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Services?

With numerous taxi services in Connecticut, many lack the ability to serve people with disabilities and senior wheelchair users. 

That’s why M7 is committed to providing accessible transportation to all, including wheelchair users, granting them access to a lot of places around Connecticut. M7’s fleet is the most trusted in Connecticut for medical and senior transportation, going above and beyond to get passengers all the way into their destinations.

Rate Guide For Wheelchair-Accessible Service

We have your ride 24/7, 365 with no reservation necessary! Our door-through-door service is tailored for non-

medical, independent traveling from your home, facility (lobby, bedside) to wherever you need to go.
We’ll provide a wheelchair if you need one.

Bedside Pick-up 

(Wheelchair Provided)

$40 + $2.70/mi

Lobby to Lobby

$9 + 2.70/mi + Waiting Time

Curb to Curb

$3 + 2.70/mi + Waiting Time

M7’s Encompass Program

M7’s Encompass program is a federally funded program that provides discounted transportation to eligible applicants in the Greater Hartford Area (select cities) who are at least 60 years old or have a disability. At $5.00 for the first eight miles traveled and $2 for each additional mile, Encompass is definitely a great option for those with limited transportation options.

Travel With M7

With M7 as your transportation service of choice in Connecticut, professional drivers can get you, or your loved ones safely to any destination at fair rates. We accommodate a vast array of passengers, especially those who need accessible transportation.

Book M7 today! Give us a call, book online, or download our app.