5 Things to Do in West Haven

5 Things to Do in West Haven

West Haven is home to the longest shoreline in New England and a veritable bird watching site. There’s plenty of things to do in West Haven and a lot of them involve beaches, parks, and nature.


A lot of the places in the list are great for photo walks or vlogs or just to unwind and decompress. Save your mental energy for the trip by not getting bogged down in thoughts of traffic and parking. Get a personalized ride so you can relax the whole way there.  


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Savin Rock

435 Captain Thomas Blvd

West Haven, CT 06516


The start of your picturesque walk around starts here. The lovely scenery you’ll see and photos you’ll take of the boardwalk are going Instagrammable. Taking photos is definitely a must thing to do here, but simply soaking in the sights and breathing in the calming ocean air makes the whole trip worth it.

Bradley Point Park

Captain Thomas Blvd

West Haven, CT 06516


Continuing along the Savin Rock Trail, you’ll come by more beautiful waterfront views and unique audubon fauna. Swimming seems to be an option but it’s best to walk along the rest of the way and get a snack at the east end of the trail with New England cuisine.

Oak Street Beach

Savin Rock Trail

West Haven, CT 06516


Another picture perfect beach that’s framed by flora with live music at times in Summer.

While some of the other beaches might be tougher for family trips, the beach is spotless for small kids to enjoy making sand castles out of and combing the sand for sea shells.

There’s a lively boardwalk where food trucks ply their trade while you relax and take in the natural beauty around. And a good time too for a snack as you walk along the longest shoreline this side of New England.

Sandy Point Bird Sanctuary

Beach St.

West Haven, CT 06516

And once you go further east, you’ve finally reached the end of the beaches and parks to one of the best beaches and wildlife sanctuaries in New England and the country. 

The Sandy Point Bird Sanctuary is made up of a variety of biospheres you don’t get to see everyday like salt marsh, tidal flats and creeks, sand bars, dunes, and more. It’s a prime place for seeing rare shorebirds and fishing and walking trails in all 66 acres of nature.

Stowe’s Seafood

347 Beach St, 

West Haven, CT 06516


As you go further east, you’ll find a seafood shack with a patio that has a quirky vibe near the beach serving fried fish meals and sandwiches. Check out more of their menu and chow down!

Morse Park & Beach

45 Morse Ave.

West Haven, CT 06516

Right after Stowe’s Seafood place, you’ll get to Morse Beach, and Morse Park further inland. If you’re into fishing and contemplating life while walking along a long sandy beach then that’s a thing to do in Morse Beach.


While in Morse Park itself there’s the Old Field Creek flowing across it and wetlands as well as baseball fields. 

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