Who Needs a Corporate Account With M7?

Who Needs a Corporate Account With M7?

The Smart Way to Address Your Establishment’s Transportation Needs

Safe and reliable transportation is more important than ever. This is especially true for the local businesses in Connecticut seeking a more manageable means of getting their patrons and staff alike to and from their establishments.

Having an M7 Corporate Account allows businesses to do just that. These businesses enjoy amazing features and perks, all while being able to focus on their core operations without having to worry if their guests comfortably get to where they need to be in time. Who benefits from corporate transportation?

1. Hotels and Casinos

There are guests who come from different states without their own means of transport, requiring that the hotel they’re staying in provide a way to get around the place. Transportation providers in Connecticut offering corporate accounts may cater to hotels so it will be a whole lot easier for guests to travel in and out of where they are staying.

2. Hospitals and Medical Offices

With the amount of patients coming in and out of hospitals every single day, it’s no surprise that transportation becomes a foremost concern for hospital care managers. Medical transportation doesn’t just cover ambulatory transport but also for non-emergency medical transportation services such as getting to treatments and procedures, as well as giving rides to patients with accessibility concerns.

3. Schools and Extended Learning Centers

M7 was founded on providing safe transportation in its community, especially for students. Early on, the company introduced the URide Safe® Card, a student debit card for safe rides around Connecticut, which is an industry-first of its kind. 

Aside from this, schools and school districts should consider getting a M7 corporate account for the benefit of their students as well as their staff and faculty, allowing them more options in transportation including custom accessible vehicles for people with disabilities.

4. Businesses with High Customer Traffic

For restaurants, malls, and other establishments, customers go in and out every single day. To serve their customers better, it’s a great idea for them to work with a trusted transportation provider to give rides to both customers and staff.

Establishing a Corporate Account

M7 serves corporations, partnerships, and individuals with preferred corporate accounts, helping you save time and effort.

When you sign up for a corporate account with M7, you get a corporate account card which allows you to:

Select authorized users
Track cards with adjustable security parameters
Get detailed ride logs
Enjoy cashless payments
Get billed bi-monthly

Interested in applying for a corporate account? Fill out this form to get started.