Five Things to Do in Connecticut This Summer

Five Things to Do in Connecticut This Summer

Here are Things to Do in Connecticut

Planning a trip around Connecticut? With a state chock full of history and an abundance of fun activities and amazing spots to visit, the tough part could be deciding what to do first. Here are some suggestions from every Connecticuter’s favorite taxi company:

Go to Amusement Parks and Ride Roller Coasters

Connecticut has its fair share of amusement parks, from the family-friendly sights of the Nature’s Art Village to the wild and crazy rides of Lake Compounce (celebrating 20 years of their award-winning ride Boulder Dash). Check out the nearby water park, Bayou Bay, which is perfect for when you want to keep cool during the summer.

Visit Smaller Towns

Connecticut has numerous small towns that you can visit. Mystic features sailboats from the more modern ones to those that have a lot more history to them. If you want a place that’s a little more relaxing, then Chester, a quiet 19th-century town that even out-of-state city dwellers visit, is the perfect place.


The Hartford Area also boasts a collection of historical buildings like the Mark Twain House and Museum and parks.

Go Hiking or Fishing

Want to experience more of the outdoors? Kent Falls State Park has the perfect hiking spots if you want to escape the city and soak in some sun and fresh air.


If you’re looking to be a little more engaged, then you can also try fishing in Madison, which is halfway through New York and Boston, with its lush fishing spots.

Drop by Famous Casinos

Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun are two of Connecticut’s most popular casinos. Foxwoods itself is one of the largest casinos in the world and is great to visit if you’re looking for a famous casino outside of Vegas.

Stay at Local Hotels and Resorts

Staycations can also be a fulfilling experience for anyone who simply wants to relax whenever they find themselves in Connecticut. The hotel at the Mohegan Sun is also a great place to stay in but for something that’s got a little more “at home” feeling, you can stay at the Mayflower Inn & Spa in Auberge.


When you’re looking to spend time in Connecticut, there are simply plenty of ways where you can do so. Plan your trip accordingly from where you want to stay, where you want to go, and how you can get there.

Reliable Transportation in Connecticut

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