How Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Helps Physical Therapy and Dialysis Patients

How Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Helps Physical Therapy and Dialysis Patients

Convenience and Safety with Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) in CT

Patients who need physical therapy, dialysis, and other regularly scheduled medical appointments look for alternative modes of transportation when personal transportation is not readily available. It’s also worth noting that many patients may need more accessible options that cater to wheelchair users or those that use mobility devices such as scooters or walkers. That’s exactly where non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) comes in.


Non-emergency medical transportation is useful in a variety of ways, and patients in need of extra help and those utilizing a wheelchair, among others, can definitely take advantage of it. The same also goes for other patients who may be facing issues in getting to their procedures due to the lack of professional or specialized transportation options in their area.

The Solution to Missing Treatments

There are plenty of patients all over the country who miss their appointments. Understandably, one of the reasons for this is the lack of accessible transportation options. Physical therapy and dialysis patients, among others, simply can’t afford to miss treatments and appointments.

M7, Connecticut’s largest transportation company, offers NEMT services which you can book 24/7 by calling them, booking online, or through the mobile app. What’s even better, if you are 60+ or have a disability, and live in the Greater Hartford Area you may be eligible to sign up for the Encompass Program, where you can book multiple rides in advance at incredibly affordable rates.

Helping Physical Therapy, Dialysis, and Other Patients Get to Their Appointments

M7 ensures that patients arrive safely and comfortably whenever they have to meet their regular health needs, whether it be treatments or procedures that they need to do on a regular basis. Patients in Connecticut can always rely on M7 for professional and reliable transportation, where drivers are specially trained to provide extra assistance to get passengers all the way INTO their appointments.

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For yourself or loved ones who have regular health needs and require reliable transportation, M7 is here to help. M7 provides traditional taxi vehicles and also ADA-compliant handicapped-accessible vehicles to cater to diverse needs.

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