Ways New Haven Hospitals Use NEMT for Patient Transportation and Discharge

Ways New Haven Hospitals Use NEMT for Patient Transportation and Discharge

Importance of NEMT in Hospital Discharge Planning

We know that it’s a bit of an understatement, but hospitals really are generally busy, and New Haven Hospitals are no exception. In a 2021 annual survey, a whopping 82,475 people had inpatient care at Yale New Haven Hospital alone. This kind of influx must be met with efficient patient transportation to help with the long waiting lists for hospital rooms.


Discharging a patient from New Haven hospitals becomes even more of a challenge when your patient needs accessible ride services.

In these cases, proper planning is critical to ensure that your patients arrive safely at their homes, rehabilitation centers, or nursing facilities.

NEMT as Patient Transportation

For those with severe medical conditions or physical impairments, riding in a traditional passenger vehicle simply isn’t a viable option.


That said, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is an essential resource for patient transportation. With convenient, reliable, and timely transportation for patients, hospitals can expect improved discharge flow and better schedule coordination.

Corporate Account for Hospitals

Healthcare providers understand that transportation is a key concern with the number of patients coming in and out of hospitals every single day. Ambulance services are of course paramount, but there is also a need for NEMT services. This can cover non-emergency rides such as getting to and from regular treatments and procedures. This is specially important for patients with accessibility concerns.

If your institution is interested in applying for a Corporate account to help improve discharge flow, fill out this form to get started.

M7 Corporate Accounts include:

  • ◉ Option to select authorized users
  • ◉ Trackable personal cards with adjustable security parameters
  • ◉ Detailed ride-log for each authorized cardholder
  • ◉ No-cash transportation, 24/7
  • ◉ Bi-monthly billing cycles
  • ◉ No paper vouchers
  • ◉ Optional automatic tip inclusion
  • ◉ Rapid service by calling (203) 777-7777

NEMT for Hospital Discharge Assistance

The transition from a healthcare facility to home can be a stressful and vulnerable time for your patients. At M7, we make sure they get a service that’s tailored to their individual needs — with safety and comfort as our priority. 


For patient transportation, M7’s NEMT services offer a wide variety of features for hospitals and medical centers in New Haven, Hartford, New London, and Bridgeport. This includes:

  •      • Door to Door
  •      • Door Through Door
  •      • Person to Person

Bedside Passenger Pickups — includes a wheelchair

NEMT for Follow Up Appointments

From setting up follow-up visits with specialists to scheduling outpatient services, like physical therapy, having a proper plan for your patients’ aftercare is key for continued recovery.


A reliable ride for patients who utilize wheelchairs or have other accessibility needs must be readily available to ensure they don’t miss medical appointments.

For your patients’ follow-up or routine check-ups, you can trust M7, being the largest volume NEMT Medicaid transport provider in Connecticut. We’re committed to providing the most responsive, comfortable, and cost effective services.


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