How to Book Dialysis Transportation for Patients in Bridgeport, CT

How to Book Dialysis Transportation for Patients in Bridgeport, CT

Reliable Transportation to and from Dialysis Treatments

Access to medical appointments in Bridgeport, Connecticut can be a huge challenge, especially if you, your family or patient needs dialysis treatment. Professional dialysis transportation can make or break your access to life-sustaining healthcare.

In a collaborative health needs assessment, 40% of surveyed people in Greater Bridgeport reported lack of access to reliable transportation as one of the reasons for missing a doctor’s appointment or procedure.

Barriers to Healthcare Access

Thousands of dialysis patients across the country require several trips every week to dialysis centers. This poses major transportation challenges like scheduling and availability issues, extra assistance requirements, ADA paratransit limitations, and high cost of ambulance service.

Since you simply can’t miss critical treatments, reliable medical or dialysis transportation should fill in the need.

Addressing Dialysis Transportation Gaps

As Connecticut’s largest transportation company, M7 offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT, among other services, for those who don’t necessarily need an ambulance service. Whether you choose to book through call, online, or the mobile app, M7 makes it easy for you to get to your medical appointments.

M7 offers 24/7 reliable NEMT that goes the extra mile. Our drivers are specially trained to provide assistance to those with physical impairments. This makes them dependable to cater to those who are medically vulnerable and need dialysis transportation.

M7’s wide variety of services include:

  • • Door to Door
  • • Door Through Door
  • • Person to Person
  • • Bedside Passenger Pickups — includes a wheelchair

Stay on Top of Appointments with M7

For yourself, loved ones, or patients who have regular health needs and require reliable transportation, go for a reliable and trusted transport provider. From traditional transportation to ADA compliant handicapped-accessible vehicles, rides can be tailored to your diverse needs.

And for our neighbors in the Greater Hartford Area, who are over the age of 60 or have a disability, you may be eligible to sign up for the Encompass Program, where you can book multiple rides in advance at incredibly affordable rates.


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