How CT Hotels Book Wheelchair Accessible Transportation for Guests with Disabilities

How CT Hotels Book Wheelchair Accessible Transportation for Guests with Disabilities

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation for Inclusive Customer Experience

If you own or run a hotel in Connecticut or anywhere in the United States that utilizes transportation for guests, your rides should be wheelchair accessible. This isn’t only for mere compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA but also to improve customer experience — making their time spent at your hotel a fulfilling one.

Easily Enhance Customer Experience

An accessible hotel transportation service enhances the guest experience in many ways.

From making a good first impression to creating a better arrival and departure experience, this service helps make sure your guests have the best possible stay.

Hotels can upgrade their shuttle services to be wheelchair accessible. This means hiring and training drivers and purchasing or renting ADA-compliant vehicles.

That said, you could save yourself the time and money by simply partnering with third party transportation providers, like M7.

At M7, booking a wheelchair accessible transportation for guests with disabilities is as easy as these two steps:

Get Started with an M7 Corporate Account

To start your partnership with M7, simply fill out our form for preferred corporate accounts.

Our convenient features include:

 Option to select authorized users

  • ◉ Trackable personal cards with adjustable security parameters
    ◉ Detailed ride-log for each authorized cardholder
    ◉ No-cash transportation, 24/7
    ◉ Bi-monthly billing cycles
    ◉ No paper vouchers
    ◉ Optional automatic tip inclusion
    ◉ Rapid service by calling (203) 777-7777

Start Booking for Your Guests

Most Connecticut tourists (at 60% in a recent Market Research) book arrangements ahead of their visit. Guests with disabilities will most likely get in touch ahead to inquire about wheelchair accessible transportation, so be sure you’ll have one to offer.

But in case they don’t book in advance, our demand-responsive accessible transportation has got you covered. M7 offers 24/7, 365 wheelchair accessible transportation with no reservation necessary!

Every ride includes door-to-door or door-through-door service that’s tailored for independent traveling from the hotel (lobby or bedside) to wherever they need to go. Plus, We’ll provide a wheelchair whenever needed!

M7 Provides Transportation to All

You can also easily get rides for daily errands, special events, business meetings, school transportation, and even Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT. Book a ride through phone, online booking, or via the M7 mobile app! Our full-service transportation company serves The Greater New Haven, Bridgeport, New London, and Hartford Areas.

Along with great hotel amenities and service, showing that accessibility matters to you is sure to help you gain loyal and diverse customers.