How to Get Personalized Rides in New Haven

How to Get Personalized Rides in New Haven

Comfortable Private Rides in New Haven 

Having trouble finding someone to drive you around New Haven? Or maybe you don’t have your own personal transportation. Maybe you’re just in town visiting. Transportation is always a concern for anyone looking to check out everything New Haven has to offer. What are the options that you have available?

Public Transportation

As with any city, there’s always public transportation available. There are buses and shuttles as well as a metro line. While these are all fine for a lot of people, it will never be as convenient as private rides that are ready to take you where you want to go.

On-Demand Transportation

Ride sharing and taxi services are a popular option New Haven’s locals. These rides are easily one of the most utilized transportation options around New Haven, and booking them is easy. Think of getting on a taxi in New Haven as having your own personal space, away from the prying eyes of others. More often than not, however, some taxis feel more personalized than others.

A More Personalized Transportation Experience

M7 Ride is rated the best in New Haven, providing comfortable rides around the city, as well as al over Connecticut. Wherever you need to go, M7 gives residents and visitors rides that cover essential spots, airports, health centers, and other major areas.

What Makes M7 Stand Out?

Passengers love riding with M7 as their private transport in New Haven for the following reasons:

  • • The use of superior technology – M7’s cloud based dispatch technology allows for easier ride reservations and tracking. M7 also has AutoPay, providing receipts for customers’ convenience.

• Cashless rides – There’s absolutely no need to carry cash with AutoPay. You can step out of the vehicle at the end of your trip without having to fuss over the amount of cash that you need to pay.

  • • Superior customer service – M7 understands that customer experience is an important part of any transportation service. That’s why M7 has customer service representatives who are always ready to help 24/7.

Get a Ride With M7

You can easily book a ride online or through a mobile app, right at your fingertips. You’ll have a private, more comfortable ride that’s personalized just for you, where you can check out what the city of New Haven has in store.


Book a ride now. Get the M7 experience.