Reliable Rides for Disabled Patients: Connecticut’s Premier NEMT Services

Reliable Rides for Disabled Patients: Connecticut's Premier NEMT Services

Reliable Rides for Disabled Patients: Connecticut’s Premier NEMT Services

Empowering Mobility: NEMT Services for Disabled Patients in Connecticut


Being proactive with one’s health becomes challenging once you’re no longer mobile. Having trouble walking or even sitting down makes it hard to get to your healthcare provider regularly, and in some cases, family members may not be available to provide a lift.


That’s where Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT services come in. They provide accessible rides for seniors and disabled individuals who need assistance, helping them stay proactive with their health and daily activities.


Let’s explore what NEMT services can do for you!

From Threshold to Destination

At M7, our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services include door-to-door and door-through-door assistance, ensuring patients get picked up from their doorstep and safely brought right to their doctor’s office. This service eliminates mobility barriers, and provides convenience and comfort to disabled individuals, making it easier to access medical care.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

Safety and comfort are the topmost features individuals with mobility devices need on all their journeys. Our NEMT services utilize wheelchair-accessible vehicles equipped with ADA-certified accessibility features. These features are designed to provide convenient and reliable transportation solutions to medical appointments and more.

1 in 4 adults in Connecticut have a disability with 10% of them experiencing mobility challenges.

Residing in the Greater Hartford or New Haven areas?


Learn more about the Encompass Program for affordable and accessible transportation solutions!

M7 Ride Wheelchair Accessible Transportation for Handicapped and Disabled

Empathetic Wheels

Sometimes, a caring word is enough for us to get through tough times. The drivers at M7 are trained to be there to give passengers the assistance and attention they need, supporting individuals with disabilities in every ride, with the skills to handle virtually any speed bump along the way. With their expertise, disabled individuals are provided with a journey like no other.

Are you a Veteran of this great nation?


As Connecticut’s largest on-demand transportation company, we welcome new applicants to join our team. Learn more about our Heroes for Hire Program.


Connecticut’s Most Trusted NEMT Services

Get to medical appointments like never before with M7. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is an important feature that plays a crucial role in helping the disabled community overcome transportation barriers and improving access to healthcare.

M7 is a pioneer in this movement.

Making services accessible 24/7 in the Greater New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, and New London areas, we make it easy for you to book a ride with our online booking feature and free mobile app. Embracing these services empowers individuals to access essential medical care with dignity and convenience. So let’s make healthcare accessible for everyone!


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