The Need for Senior Transportation Services in Hartford, Connecticut & Surrounding Areas

The Need for Senior Transportation Services in Hartford, Connecticut & Surrounding Areas

Transportation is a Concern for Seniors in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to many seniors, aged 60+ years young. Between 2010 and 2040, Connecticut’s age 65 years and over population is on pace to increase by 57%, according to The U.S. Census Bureau.


As the population is rapidly aging, it’s no surprise that there is a demand for transportation services. There are numerous reasons that seniors don’t have access to transportation, often involving not being able to drive themselves or simply not having anyone available to drive them around.

Meeting Regular Needs

Seniors not only need to go out for leisure and socializing, they also have medical appointments to maintain good health. Considering they may have more health needs, they may require regular transportation to get them to their medical visits, testing, and procedures. 



Medical establishments also understand the need for senior transportation, prompting partnerships with Connecticut’s largest transportation company M7 Ride.

A Renewed Sense of Freedom

Seniors that are able to arrange their own transportation may feel a renewed sense of independence. By simply being able to book transportation by calling, booking online, or through the incredibly easy-to-use M7 Ride mobile app, it eliminates the need to call family and friends whenever transportation is needed.

Easy to Book 24/7

Greater Hartford Seniors: Discounted Rides

M7’s federally funded Encompass program allows seniors to travel anywhere, anytime with little to know restrictions. We work with the Greater Hartford Transit District to provide discounted transportation options for seniors who are eligible.


Passengers pay only $5.00 for the first 8 miles traveled and $2 for each additional mile, automatically charged to the account to save the hassle of having to exchange money inside the vehicle.


$5 for first 8 miles

$2 each additional mile.

Encompass Eligibility

To take advantage of the Encompass Program you have to be at least 60 years young or living with a disability. Eligible seniors (or persons with disabilities) will then have a personal online account which allows them to manage their rides, expenses and more.

To qualify you must reside in one of the following towns: 

Berlin, Bristol, Cromwell, East Hartford, Farmington, Hartford, Meriden, Middletown, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Rocky Hill, South Windsor, West Hartford, and Wethersfield

Encompass Customer Service Number: 860-444-4444

Quality Senior Transportation in Connecticut

M7 Encompass provides seniors peace of mind, with drivers who are fully trained and vehicles that are fully licensed, inspected, and insured. Sanitation is kept at the highest standard to ensure the safest experience for our valued community. 


M7 is Connecticut’s first taxi service pioneering transportation that serves seniors and people with disabilities, helping improve their quality of life.


Learn more about M7 Encompass or book with M7 now.