NEMT for Physical Therapy Appointments in Connecticut

NEMT for Physical Therapy Appointments in Connecticut

Getting Transportation for Medical Visits in Connecticut

Connecticut patients need to get to regular appointments and procedures, and access to reliable transportation is simply vital in doing so. For patients that are recovering from an injury through physical therapy or occupational therapy, missing a day of rehab can diminish progress.

How Important is NEMT in Connecticut?

With delays in medical care due to the lack of transportation options to their appointment, many Americans suffer as a result. There is an increased need for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in many states, especially in Connecticut, to serve the needs of those patients that have no one available to provide those recurring transportation needs.

Technology in Medical Transportation

M7, transportation providers in Connecticut, have answered the demand of many to have more convenient options when reserving rides. With online booking and the M7 Ride mobile app, reserving, tracking, paying and more can be done with ease.

Medicaid Coverage

For NEMT, Medicaid provides coverage to beneficiaries who need to get regular visits with their healthcare providers, but have limited public transportation options. 

Physical Therapy Transportation in Connecticut

M7 works with Connecticut’s top physical therapy offices, transporting patients from assisted living facilities (ALF), long term care facilities (LTC), their homes and back. Patients count on M7 to be on time with the most professional customer service. Drivers provide additional assistance including bedside pickup.

Addressing Health Needs With M7 Ride

Proudly serving as the largest volume NEMT Medicaid transportation in Connecticut, M7 provides transportation to patients and medical offices to help residents  meet their health needs. M7 provides rides for patients that are ambulatory, but also those that have disabilities and require an ADA compliant vehicle.


 • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation largest volume Medicaid provider in CT.

 • Currently contracting directly with hospitals and private medical facilities statewide. 

 • We provide both door-to-door and door-through-door services, including bedside pick-up (wheelchairs available upon request

 • Wheelchair-accessible services available for reservation and on-demand-response service requests 

 • Live portal account access for service request status, custom reporting, and account reconciliation


M7 understands that each individual has unique needs. That’s why we tailor our services according to what suits each passenger best for their comfort and peace of mind. M7’s drivers are highly trained to assist to ensure that passengers will arrive comfortably.


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Encompass Program

Are you over 60 years of age or living with a disability? See if you’re eligible for The Encompass Program, a federally funded program providing discounted rates starting at $5 for the first 8 miles.

Learn More About the Encompass Program >>

Connecticut Trusts M7 Ride

M7 offers valuable solutions to those who require non-emergency medical transportation in Connecticut. 

Serving the Greater New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New London areas.

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Our Commitment

M7 is committed to providing the community with safe and reliable NEMT, helping anyone that needs a ride to/from their medical appointments.


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