5 Tips to Booking Medical Transportation in New London, CT

5 Tips to Booking Medical Transportation in

New London, CT

Accessible Medical Transportation for Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Going to routine check-ups or medical procedures in New London shouldn’t be complicated — especially for people who use wheelchairs or require mobility aids.


Several medical transportation programs are also available in New London for these individuals. Although the programs are great, not everyone is qualified, and rides are contingent upon available funding.


That said, the best choice is to book Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT. This medical transportation service bridges the gap for people who need accessible rides but do not require the emergency services of an ambulance.


But before your next doctor’s visit, make sure to check our guide listed down below:

1. Double Check Your Appointment​

To save you time and unnecessary spending and stress, it’s always good to double-check your calendar. Make sure to confirm the details of your upcoming doctor’s visit. No one wants to travel on the wrong date and time. It can be stressful for both the one missing and expecting the appointment.

2. Know What Vehicle You’re Traveling In and the In-transit Care Available​

For your comfort, it pays to get complete information of the vehicle you’re booking. Check whether it has adequate space for your wheelchair or mobility device and if there will be a hand to assist you when needed.


At M7, we recognize that everyone has unique needs when it comes to wheelchair accessible transportation. That’s why we offer a variety of services tailored to fit the specific requirements of our passengers. From Door to Door and Bedside Pickups to Person to Person trips, we make sure each customer feels comfortable and secure. 

Giving our best foot forward, our drivers are also trained to accommodate riders with disabilities and impairment.

3. Review Safety Protocols

Give yourself peace of mind knowing full well that you’re safe and secure all throughout.


M7 is the first transportation company in Connecticut to introduce in-cab surveillance cameras. This measure is intended to ensure a safe and secure ride for both drivers and passengers.


On top of that, we monitor weather and traffic conditions around-the-clock to inform our drivers of the best routes. The M7 App tracks the elements in real-time. Plus, you can rate your driver, book in advance, choose a vehicle that fits your needs and more!

4. Find Out All the Costs Before the Trip

Avoid the hassle of surprises. Before you make any medical transportation arrangements, make sure you have a clear idea of all the costs involved.


By simply typing in your starting and ending destination in M7’s online booking tool, getting a FREE quote is just a few clicks away. You can also book, pay, and view reservations, along with other great features.

5. Make a List and Check it Twice

To avoid unnecessary delays, having a checklist is essential. Take note of everything you need for the trip and your appointment (including the tips mentioned earlier) and check it off as you go.

Daily Transportation Needs for Wheelchair Users

M7 Ride isn’t just for getting to and from medical appointments. Whether you’re going grocery shopping or catching a flight, our rides help people with disabilities get around and manage their day-to-day transportation needs.

For our neighbors in the Greater Hartford area with disabilities or over the age of 60, apply for the Encompass Program now! Enjoy the perks of getting $5 rides for the first 8 miles and $2.90 with each additional mile every time you book with us.