Booking Business Transportation in Connecticut

Booking Business Transportation in Connecticut

Achieve More with an M7 Corporate Account

There’s loads of reasons why Connecticut companies need reliable transportation for business operations. Small and large companies alike have transportation needs, and they might encounter instances where it can be hard to get rides for their employees, guests, clients, customers, and even patients for clinics with recurring appointments.

The Services You Need for Company Convenience

If you’re looking for the best remedy for all your business transportation needs, one fix is by securing a full-service transportation company. That way, you can easily get rides for special events, business meetings, school transportation, and even Non-Emergency Medical Transportation! If your business deals with people with mobility challenges, a professional and trusted service like M7 provides rides that cater to people with wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Who Uses M7 Corporate Accounts?

The Most Trusted Business Transportation in Connecticut

Many business owners in Connecticut trust M7 for their varied transportation needs. For over 30 years, M7 remains to be the largest full-service transportation company in the state — covering the Greater New Haven, Bridgeport, New London, and Hartford areas.

What makes M7 stand out from the rest is their convenient features for corporate accounts.

Perks of Getting an M7 Corporate Account​

Get Personalized Transportation

One of the benefits of getting a corporate account is that it allows you to get just the right solution for all sorts of transportation needs. From airport transportation with flat rates, hotel transportation, business trips, and even patient-friendly medical rides — you got it all!

Always Get There on Time

Let’s face it. Public transportation isn’t always reliable when it comes to getting to our destinations when we need to. This is especially true during rush hour and other peak seasons. People using mobility devices such as wheelchairs may also find it hard to travel with the country’s inaccessible public transit. With a corporate account, you can easily book traditional and accessible rides in advance!

Easily Book Multiple Trips

A corporate account also allows you to book multiple trips at once. Medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals make use of this feature to help them manage patient transportation without the hassle. Hotels and other business establishments also find it helpful for securing rides for their guests and customers.

Convenient Payment Options

Another advantage of having a corporate account is that it allows you to get convenient payment options. Special features such as no-cash transactions for all rides 24/7 and bi-monthly billing cycles are easier to manage for companies with frequent business transportation needs. Plus, enjoy paperless vouchers and the optional automatic tip inclusion for all rides.

Track Rides Conveniently

Corporate accounts also have special features that provide easy tracking options for all your rides. Businesses may issue personal cards equipped with adjustable security parameters where you can get a detailed log for every ride taken by an authorized cardholder. This is very helpful for companies that need to monitor their employees on official business trips.

Get a Better Way to Book Business Transportation Now!

Safe and reliable transportation is now at the tip of your fingers. Get started by booking a ride online or downloading the M7 App. Traditional rides are available 24/7, as well as ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible vehicles for passengers with disabilities and other mobility issues.