All About Accessible Rides in New London, CT

All About Accessible Rides in New London, CT

New London’s Accessible Transportation Options

The idyllic seaport city of New London is home to plenty of residents in need of reliable transportation, including those who utilize wheelchairs and mobility aids. How does the city address this need for accessibility to get around?

New London and Accessibility

New London has since been making improvements with accessible transportation and making its community compliant to ADA mandates.


The entirety of Eastern Connecticut has been providing fast and easy transportation for people with disabilities, including public buses with a kneeling feature that lets the driver lower the steps to allow for easy access and a lift platform for people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Paratransit van services are also provided in areas with local fixed-route bus services for people who have difficulty using the local bus system due to their disability.

The Downside to Public Options

Although public transportation options are generally accessible and available, they also come with some limitations to what passengers with disabilities need for their absolute safety and comfort, as well as an unpredictability with time and schedule.

NEMT: The Solution to Accessible Rides

Private Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is also available in New London. This form of transportation is provided to people who need assistance in getting to and from medical appointments, the airport, errands, visiting loved ones, and more. This is especially helpful for patients who are unable to operate a vehicle or use public transportation, such as post-surgical patients.


Most NEMT services need to be reserved in advance, but a company like M7 Ride offers on-demand booking options.

Booking With M7

Booking private rides for people with disabilities and people using wheelchairs is easy with M7. Book online, through call or text, or through the free mobile app. Whatever the purpose may be, whether it’s for medical appointments and procedures or visiting spots and establishments around New London, M7 is here to address your needs with the state’s most trusted door-through-door NEMT.

Wheelchair-Accessible Service Rate Guide

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