Student Transportation Safety Tips for Connecticut Schools

Student Transportation Safety Tips for Connecticut Schools

Secure Safe, Reliable and Accessible Transportation for Connecticut Students

Every parent simply wants the best for their children. A healthy upbringing, strong positive relationships, and of course, a good education.

But in Connecticut, getting to school safely is just one of the many challenges facing families today, especially with children with special needs.

Recent stats show that the state ranks 30th in student enrollment, with nearly 600 high schools and over 200,000 students in Connecticut colleges alone. According to state data, the total number of students in special education has increased from 63,482 in 2010–11 to 79,058 in 2020–21. And that number is still growing.

With the rising student population, the need for safe and reliable student transportation services also increases. Here are some tips to help Connecticutters, and concerned families in general, along the way.

Stranger Danger

Always teach your kids not to trust strangers easily. No matter what their age, students can be an easy target for people with ill motives. As much as possible, let them know that not everyone who appears innocent can be trusted. If you’re picking up your kids from school, you should always set a time when they can expect you and a time limit if you can’t make it.

Stay Connected

Most schools permit students to bring their own phones to school. If you want to make sure that your kid went in and took off safely, set certain rules such as letting them text you when they’re about to go inside or leave the campus. You can also set a time after school when you call them on a daily basis just to check on what time you can expect them to be home.

Sometimes, being too tight on young minds might encourage them to hide things from you. So it’s also important to let your child know that it’s okay for them to hang out with their friends every now and then. And that it’s totally fine if they can’t make it home at the usual time. But they should always let you know and should follow a specific curfew.

Inclusivity in School Rides

Securing the safety of students as they transport to and from school is essential, most especially for those who have special needs or those utilizing wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Students in wheelchairs might need a little more help with getting in and out of vehicles, and there might be other factors you need to consider.

M7 addresses the need for inclusive student transportation with its wheelchair-friendly rides and accessible transportation options. Apart from the traditional ride services, students can also avail Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT, whenever they need an accessible ride to school.


M7 drivers are also equipped with additional licensure for transporting special education students to their schools and afterschool programs.


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Student Transportation You Can Trust

Being the first-ever taxi service that offers secured student transportation with the URide Safe® Card, M7 has adapted to the changing times by making use of new innovations to provide an even safer mode of transportation for students.

It’s the first to use a GPS or Global Positioning System in a cloud-based mobile dispatch so parents can easily track rides anytime and anywhere. It’s also the first to incorporate an in-vehicle security camera for added security measures. Learn more about our story.


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